Created by the Department of Water Resources to oversee WaterFix, the Delta Conveyance Office (DCO) will approve Delta Conveyance Design and Construction Authority budgets and all project design specifications, allowing the State of California to retain authority and oversight of WaterFix regulatory obligations, environmental mitigation and quality assurance.


  • Approve California WaterFix specifications that meet DWR standards for safety, durability, long-term operations and maintenance
  • Review and approve any material changes to the specifications for design, construction and permit compliance
  • Review and approve the California WaterFix annual budgets
  • Ensure compliance with the Joint Exercise of Power Agreement between DWR and the DCA
  • Oversee and approve acquisition process of necessary lands, easements and right-of-way for California WaterFix
  • Review and approve the construction bid documents, the As-builts plans and ultimately facilities for operation