Preliminary CALSIM, DSM2 and Biological Modeling Data

Preliminary modeling data to support the California WaterFix Supplemental Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement, which is currently in preparation, is now available. These models cover Stages One and Two of the project. CALSIM II is a model used to simulate California State Water Project/Central Valley Project operations under projected conditions, over a backdrop of historical hydrology. DSM2 utilizes CALSIM II outputs and models hydrodynamics and electrical conductivity for the Delta. Biological modeling was done based on CALSIM II, DSM2, and other physical modeling tools and is used to assess the effects of water operations on fish and aquatic resources.

The outputs from the CALSIM II, DSM2 and temperature models can be viewed using HEC-DSSVue, which can be downloaded for free here


Operations/Physical Modeling

Biological Models

(results for Stage 1 and Stage 2 in comparison to NAA)